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Condensation of the inside of my 1995 LS 400

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I have owned this car since new. It has been garaged all its life, low mileage and in excellent shape. I have been parking it outside now for a bit and noticed condensation forming on the windows? Any idea what may be causing the condensation? Sunroof drains are clear and not an issue. Thought maybe the door seals may not be sealing correctly? 

I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject. 


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Replace the cabin filter, Run the Heat/Air through all of it's paces, Take your time....What has been the average Humidity outside ? Garage Humidity ? How often do you run the air conditioner ? Thanks

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Any particular window? Or all of them? 

I gotta ask: is anybody sleeping in the car that you may not know about? 

In my dads non climate control garage if there's a big change in weather, especially warm to cool where inside is in say a humid 80's but then quickly falls to the 50's or 60's when a cold front passes through, everything has a coating of condensation so it could be as simple as weather changing.

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