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Newly bought 2004 GX470, what to tell my mechanic

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Greetings, I just bought a 2004 GX470 with 121k miles on it, serviced at the dealer til 2018, driven very little in recent years, from family. I have the dealer service records, but nothing really big seems to have been replaced. It drives like a new vehicle, but I need to get it to my mechanic to check it over and add a hitch so that we can pull our 2500 lb camper. Any advice on what I should look for? Is the air suspension proficient at towing a lighter trailer, or do I need to swap out for conventional suspension first thing?

Word of mouth is that timing belt was done (there was a non dealer work done in December last year, but no record) so I don't know if radiator and suspension are all original, or when timing belt was done. Some surface rust underneath due to Maryland road salt, but body and inside in good shape.

thanks Jeff

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Hi Jeff....welcome to the Club

I would say that if you have no evidence of the cambelt being replaced then I would change it along with the water pump and tensioners as required....not worth taking the chance.

Suspension should be good for towing but you could add some spring assisters if required to beef it up for heavier use.

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