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Pushing Brake Pedal Gives Orange Light on Start Button, no crank

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Hi, just bought a 2007 IS350 and I've run into issues on startup intermittently. Sometimes after driving a bit, if I shut it down then come back, go to press the brake car won't start, get a message saying essentially "you must press the brake pedal to start the car" but even when I leg press it with 200lbs of force it doesn't allow the start. The start button light turns orange, not green. The car will turn on, radio works, but no turnover. It's happened maybe 5 or 6 times over a week. If I give it time and come back after a bit it seems to start no problem. Battery and alternator tested fine at Autozone and the ODB reader is showing no codes. I have replaced the key FOB battery just in case.

Once it also hit me with the VSC and all check engine lights while driving in 95 degree weather with the AC on, and basically shut down once I parked. I think there may be some kind of overheating issue considering once I leave it alone for a while and come back it's been working?

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...from another forum:
Hello folks, I am a fifty year auto mechanic. I had a customer bring me her IS 250 with this complaint. The problem is that the brake booster doesn't hold vacuum for three or 4 applications of the brakes after the engine is turned off. This particular car only gives 1 to 1 1/2 applications. So if you depress the brake pedal just once after the engine is turned off the booster loses all of its vacuum and the brake pedal is hard to push. The check valve is working and the vacuum is normal. Every other car I've driven, and that's a lot, gives you 3 to 4 applications before depleting the booster. so, be aware of not pressing the brake after turning off the car and you should be fine. That or Lexus needs to own up to a design flaw with the brake booster.

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If that's all it is that would be fantastic. Thank you for the response 🙂


Still a little worried about why all the check engine lights came on for me while driving and running the AC. Also would that explain everything being normal when I come back 30-60 minutes later?


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