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Go easy on me but I’m excited to become part of this family. Truth be told this is the only social media I’ve ‘signed’ up for. I own 3 Lexus’ at this point and have nuttin but love for them! GS 350, GS 450h Neiman Marcus Edition (#1 of 75) along with an IS 350 with over 220,000 miles (it just keeps on going). Thank you Lexus for making such beautiful, reliable and incredible vehicles. Any idea where to find a factory repair manual for the 07 GS450H? Also looking for the Neiman Marcus floor mats and car cover. 



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Wow!! Beautiful!!

Welcome aboard. This site is very chill and refined so here's hoping you enjoy your stay here. 

I have a paperback version of the service manual for my car that came from eBay. It wasn't cheap but it paid for itself a few times over. Many of the links to PDF's are broken and many download sites seem kinda sketchy. 

Maybe one of the long timers can pop in with advice on a trustworthy place to download a PDF. 

I use covers by CoverCraft for custom covers. Well worth the coin. 


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Hello and Welcome to The Greatest Lexus Forum on the Web, Sharp rides there, I love the GS myself. Hang around, Tell a joke, Ask a question, Heck, Give an answer. We look forward to your participation 🙂

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I've bought factory repair manuals on Amazon and Ebay.
Sometimes I would find one that was not for the exact year of my car, but it was within that generation.
I really like the GS450h. It is sad that they had to be discontinued. The 2013+ versions have very impressive specifications.

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