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MY 1996 Lexus LS 400 is driven only in the summer months and has 60K original miles. Typically not driven for long periods of time. A week ago I used used for some back and forth trips and drove roughly 250 miles in one day. Almost home the car acted like it wasn't getting any gas it sputtered a few times pumped the gas pedal but nothing. It would crank but not start acted like it was out of gas. Towed it home next day fired right up !! Drove it to my local Lexus dealer thinking I would use an expert rather than my local mechanic , no dummie lights on the dash everything functioning normal. Just got off the phone and he told me my alternator was bad and that was the problem. I'm not a mechanic but doesn't sound right to me. I also received recommendations to replace the timing belt ,water pump, and both lower ball Joints.

I don't mind the through look over but I don't think this is going to solve my problem


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Are you a regular customer of your local mechanic?  Take the car there and get a second opinion.  Only describe the symptoms you had and don't tell him/her that you've already taken it to the dealer.  See what shakes out.


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