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Looking at the wiki page for Lexus GS cars it appears there were a couple hundred thousand made between 93 and 05. Between 98 and 01 especially. Yet I see zero around anymore. None. What happened to them? 

I came from owning a 5th gen Honda Prelude (97-01) where about 58,000 all total were made and distributed across the planet yet I see a few of those a month. I bought an 04 GS 300 in March and have only seen one and that was a third gen even though my job puts me up and down the interstate every week day. 

On occasion I check car sellers across the US and hardly see any there either. It is just me or are these cars all disappearing? 

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Did you check I believe they are rear wheel drive and many folks in the snow belt stick with front or all-wheel drive.  I really like the 2013+ GS450h. It gets very good fuel mileage and is faster than the GS350.

I'm sure they are out there, though. They are rated highly by Consumer Reports for reliability.

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I sold my 98 GS, Had the car for 21 years...I still see it on the road occasionally....And LEXUS doesn't produce the GS anymore  😞

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I see classic LS cars every day. Often middle age guys in suits driving those. 

I checked car sites like auto trader, craigslist and car fax from coast to coast. Most were at used car dealers. One mountain dew green one had ferarri type doors, some had wagon wheels but most seemed to be either traded in and somehow ended up at those corner lot used car sites that line Main St USA like check cashing businesses. Florida and Texas seem to be where many landed. PA and NJ have a bunch but I figure winter roads have many of them rusting underneath. 

I checked junkyard inventory's in a 250 mile radius and found very few there thank goodness. Ha, there's a pink one near me. But my fear of many being crashed or modified to death was not confirmed. Phew! 

With these cars resale values still mainly between $6k and $10k I probably won't see many in my area since the general market is either pretty new vehicles or "cheap" older cars like Honda Civics or Toyota Corollas. And for whatever reason (thankfully) the luxury cars with crooked wheels and satellite dish wings are beamers and infinities. 

Looking around for "better" 2nd gen cars it seems like I would spend more for that than to sink a couple of 5 gallon buckets of $20 bills into the one I already have. That too was a relief. So if anybody has a notion to buy a high mileage one and fix it up, if they do mainly DIY fixes that one would be the way to go if one can live without some of the things that break after a while like electric door locks until they fix it themselves. 

The basic drivetrain is very reliable, even after nearly two decades. 

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There seem to be plenty of newer GS models (all types) (2010-2018). Throughout the US, there are 13 pages of them in Autotrader. (29 shown on the first page)

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Was out and about today at a craft show on an awesome weather day. Taking a casual stroll with Mrs Fixer I looked in the distance and saw a really sexy car in the grass parking lot. After commuting to and from work in my work vehicle for the last 21 days in a row I'd forgotten I didn't drive that.


Hey, that's my car. Woohoo!! 

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