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Lexus dealer cost 5K to change out front suspension 09 RWD regular suspension. I can't find the torque specs for the following; All control arms, tie rod outer, steering knuckle and steering knuckle balljoint, stabilizer bar end link and bushing mount, strut mounts upper and lower.

I own a 1999 LS400 the upper control arms needed to be replaced at 65,00 miles. I understand that the control arm bushings have a defect that Lexus can't correct. The 2009 LS460 when out at 98,000. I am very disappointed with Lexus.


Thank You for your help
















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Any of the castle nuts on the suspension only need to line up the entire hole in the bolts to slide the pins in, No torqueing needed for them, It is designed to work by default.

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dcfish, Thank You for the info. Do you know the torque specs for all the arms that attach to the body of the auto ? The bolts and nuts, the ones without the castle nuts.

Thanking you in advance

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