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ES350 or ES300h - to hybrid or not to hybrid

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Good day folks - I am on the verge of trading in our beloved 2011 ES350 for a newer (used) model, and find myself considering a hybrid for the fist time. Specifically, I am looking at two 2018 models that a local dealer has on hand at the moment - an ES350 Navigation and an ES300h Navigation.  My instinct is to go with the standard V6, mostly based largely on my ignorance of hybrids, but I want to give the 300h a fair consideration.  My largest concern is the scary stuff I read about hybrid battery replacement cost being in the multi-thousands of bucks.  Can anyone tell me what the factory warranty would cover for the 2018 model year?  And taking that further, how often in general, do these batteries actually need to be replaced?  One example I'm aware of is that my neighbor has a 2008 Camry that still works great for her, and she says the only maintenance she's done has related to the gasoline engine part of the car.  Thanks in advance for any comments. 

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The warranty on the 2018 ES300h hybrid system is 96 months (8 years) or 100,000 miles - whichever comes first.  You can view the warranty information at

Toyota hybrid batteries typically last far longer than the warranty period.  If they ever do fail, refurbished hybrid batteries are available on the aftermarket. 

Buy the version you like most.  The regular V6 will probably feel faster but the hybrid is no slouch.  My view is that the main difference in the way these two versions "feel" is related to the V6 version having a traditional 8-speed transmission and the hybrid version having a CVT - continuously variable transmission.  The difference is especially noticeable at highway speeds on steep hills.

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My sister bought a Prius way back in 08(09?) Other than regular stuff like tires and wiper blades it went 250k miles with no issues. She traded it for another brand in 019 but was very satisfied with the Toyota. 

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