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The air intakes on our NX  face upward and lots of debris from our pines collects on them.

The small brown worm-like things in the photo are male pine cones that drop off the tree in the thousands after releasing their pollen in the Spring. The big woody cones are female, with seeds.

On our old RX, these blocked the intake vents, inside, and when we had rain, water flowed in through the air filter behind the glove box (lots of these cones in there) and flooded the carpeting.

Lexus couldn't figure out where the water was coming from (offered to replace condensers, evap, etc.) until a really good repair shop knew about this issue. They disassembled the vent and cleaned out the intake. Problem solved.

So...can I check and cleanout the intake on the NX?  No problem yet but I want to ahead of it.

I do not see an obvious way on how to dissemble or look in there.

Thank you.

male cones pine.jpg

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Maybe take a garden hose to the car and run water out of the end with no nozzle and see where it comes out, probably near the door hinges. Place spray nozzle over the end and spray up and into where the water exits from when your tree is dropping all those pollen pistols. 

Mrs Fixer parks under a willow oak and we found that to work in spring. 

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