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Hey y’all! Brand new here and just got a 2006 is350. Car is in excellent condition but the cat is obviously going out. Throwing a p430 code and is obnoxiously stinky on acceleration and also has  some black smoke coming out. I am decently mechanically inclined and obviously don’t want to leave it but don’t want to put an oem one on as its 250$ and aftermarket is not much more. 
I found this mid pipe for sale (I’m attaching the link) and I was wondering if it would delete the cat and fix the issue? Thanks so much guys.

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Lexus does not make catalytic converters, Find out which Mfg. makes them for the IS350. I know Davico makes the cats for the LS460  😉

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It's best not to delete it. Especially if you live at a place with annual emissions checks as part of your annual safety inspection because it won't pass without one. 

Plus these engines are built with a known certain amount of back pressure in the outgoing system so if you upset that balance without tuning the computer that pretty much runs the car the results would be a confused computer. Who knows what squirrley stuff would happen after that? 

Try cleaning it.



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