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The rear cup holder has an little arm with spring which swings down when the cup holder is opened to hold the cup holder while open.

While trying to unjam the cup holder. the little arm and spring came off. I'm trying to find which way the spring goes so I can reattach it. It is so small and the area to work is small. The spring is a few coils with the ends coming off at angles, sort of like this  \ o/

Does anyone knows of a photo of this or can tell me the orientation of the spring. I assume it goes on in such a way so it compresses when closing the top.

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$30 plus shipping

I'd try your local auto recycle center as well.  Often they have web sites with a wish list type of thing where you type in the vehicle you want parts from and the range of years for the model like 99-03 Lexus RX300 and they will send you an email when one arrives. 

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Sorry I guess I wasn't clear on this. It is the rear cup holder on the console between the front seats. 




Also I don't need the cup holder - just need to know how to attach the spring. 

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Again the junkyard is your friend.

I learned how to disassemble and reassemble the 3rd gen Honda Prelude stem to stern at a junkyard. Using the wishlist I knew when one arrived and would either take a section apart or study how something was assembled and fix mine with the knowledge. 

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