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Losing oil to heat from car

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Heey I have an es300 2002 and I readed that they have a heating problem and lose oil from it and I have this problem is there. Any think I can do to fix the issue. Thanks😊

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Ok, so I not understand what you mean by heat of the car causes oil to leak. The engine has oil that circulates inside as parts move around. It stays inside the engine until somebody drains it out or it leaks out. It can leak from various places while the engine is running.

Through the combustion chamber from internal seals failing that usually shows up as slightly blue smoke out of the exhaust pipe or possibly a head gasket since as it gets warm it may change shape slightly and allow oil to get past a faulty seal. Often if the head gasket has failed the fluid in your radiator has motor oil mixed in it. It will look like milk. 

If you are losing oil in the combustion chamber it could be piston rings or valve seals. If piston rings have failed the bottom half of the engine called the block needs to be rebuilt. If the valve seals are bad the top half called cylinder head needs to be rebuilt. If the head gasket has failed, the seal between block and cylinder heads needs to be replaced. 

Hope that helps. 


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