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2006 RX400h Replacement Sunroof Switch

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Does anyone know if there are replacements available for the open/close switch for the RX400h? My normal outlet (Rock Auto) doesn't have that as an option to purchase and I cannot seem to find it elsewhere on the internet either. I am fairly sure it's the switch that has gone bad (unless you all can tell me where else to troubleshoot).

I used the key fob to open the windows on a hot day and since it was a nice day I opened the sunroof the whole way while we were driving. When I went to close it I got zero response from the switch. Luckily I was able to close the sunroof via the key in the door, so once again not the fuse and I'm guessing it's not the motor since it operates fine. I just double checked the functionality, the switch will open the sunroof but not close it.


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