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I purchased a 2020 GS 350 F type last year and love the car but the last few months have had a constant squeaking in my brakes, The dealership says it’s normal for F type models to squeak just wondering if anyone else has had this problem

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Squeaking as in every time you apply the brakes? 

Some pads do squeak so yeah it would be normal but that doesn't mean it's ok. It means the pads should be replaced with pads that don't squeak. Realizing that sounds snarky, what I mean is some pads are "hard" for longevity and so they won't get dust all over the wheels. Some are made to withstand heat better also. Often under normal use the high performance pads can have squeak issues. 

It could be the pads have warn enough that the "thin pad" indicator makes it's "thin pad" warning sound. Or it could be the rotor is warped so ideal contact does not occur but you should likely feel that in the pedal as a sort of pulsing feeling. 

There are high performance brake pads that are quiet

Here's some. 

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