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The Mrs and I have allergies so we take a sip of Nyquil each evening at bedtime. The supplied cup is great if you are sick and need that reccomended amount. But as a sleep aid or help with allergies a little swig from the bottle is plenty. 

I know plenty of people who use it year round as a sleep aid. We often plot about finding the factory and tapping into drums of the stuff in order to keep a few gallons in stock. 

Anyway there's all these cups leftover. Now some people say "Jello shooters". But what else can they be used for? Recently my refrigerator/freezer quit making ice and dispensing water. The Maytag man is two weeks out and the Mrs wants ice in her tea. 

I had about 15 of those stupid cups in the bathroom closet so…… I used a ziploc container for a tray and filled them with water so now the ice bucket in the freezer is bursting with ice cubes. The ice just pops out of most but some need to sit a minute or two before they'll let go. 

Anybody got any other uses for Nyquil cups? 


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That's a great idea! If they are made of polyethylene or polypropylene, you can pour some acetone or cleaning alcohol in one if doing touchup cleaning. I use small cups to clean out glass eye droppers that I use to add dyes to my castings. These type of plastics are very chemical resistant so they can be helpful in may ways.

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Funny you bring this topic to light...I use them to store parts when I disassemble a watch, Keeps groups of parts separate before cleaning. I also use for small batch paint mixes  🙂

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