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2006 Lexus ES330 For Sale

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Original Owner has maintained this beauty with only 87,000 miles! No Accidents! Clean title! Excellent mechanical condition: regular oil changes, new brakes, struts, valve cover gaskets, hoses, timing belt/water pump, rear backing plates, plugs, coils, battery

Oasis Green with Beige interior. Sunroof. AM/FM cassette with 6 disc CD auto changer, 7 speakers, Heated and Ventilated seats, Vehicle Skid control, Vehicle Stability control, Traction control

You know the car! Its a winner! Located in Staten Island, New York

Will send photos

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    • By Robbo15
      I'm not sure if my disc  changer is  about to go up or I'm I not pressing the correct  button  my cd disc changer  only plays disk one  how do I change the disk thank you
    • By Strappedforkash
      I'm ordering KYB GR-2/Excel-G's for replacement on my 2006 ES330 that has AVS .  I am replacing the mounts as well. 

      1) Is there any reason to replace the coil spring insulators and the front coil spring seats?  

      2) Does anyone sell the KYB Excel-G's fully loaded with springs for the ES330? I haven't found them. (They do show them for 2006 Camry)

      3) Will the 2006 Camry KYB excel-G fully loaded application work on the 2006 ES330?  If so, do they need to be ordered for the 4 or 6 cylinder?  They show different part numbers.

    • By Martin7097
      So I have a 2006 Lexus ES330 with 83,000 miles.  It's been a great car so far.  I have noticed the acceleration slip that most people talk about but I'm ok with that.  I just had a new  battery put in three days ago under warranty because  my battery of less than two years completely died. I also had my inspection done at the same time and passed. According to Firestone they tested  my alternator and it was fine.   So now three days later I am driving and my car goes nuts like it's having a power surge, I can tell the accelerator isn't engaging, the dash lights (brake, ABS, check engine and a faint battery light) come on and my air starts blowing super high, then low and does this about 3 times before I shut it off.  I parked the car and after about 1 min all the dash lights go off but the check engine light.  I go to auto zone and have them run a diagnostic and it shows my vehicle speed sensor caused the check engine light to come on. Well that doesn't explain the power surge and my speedometer (which is usually the first to go if the sensor is bad) is working fine.  Any ideas???
    • By kozicki4
      Anyone know why the little light on the window switch would be flashing?  The driver's side window is not going down and the little is flashing.  The old hold the switch down and slam the door trick doesn't work in this instance. but it has in the past when the light was not blinking.
      Thanks for any help to get the window working again.
    • By musafir
      My love ES 330 got into a collision, partly because of my over-enthusiasm to keep driving and not stop at the lights. I know, so stupid of me. I was driving the car at about 15-20 mph, but the impact is bad! No health-related impacts at all though, thank god! The current broken bumper is after-market already, after it got replaced once because of an earlier dent, and this collision proved the bumper's after-market quality (see pics attached). The car I rear-ended was a huge gas-guzzling SUV and the only damage to it was that its left tail light cracked. I am amused yet heart-broken.
      I am looking to you guys' response on these 2 questions:
      1) What I must expect in repair costs if out-of-pocket.
      2) If I take this amount to my insurance company can I get a check from them to pay for the damages?
      A sad Musafir

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