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Infotainment System Replace

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I'm probably going to get roasted for this but I hate this generation's infotainment system across the board. I'm getting ready to transition from the military to civilian life and am looking for a new daily driver. My Tacoma has treated me well but its time to treat myself a little. I love the current Lexus ES and IS models. I used to have a 2007 Camry SE and it reminds me of it and I loved that car. I'm leaning more towards the ES due to the size (I'm 6'3). Anyways, the only thing holding me from pulling the trigger on the ES is that I hate everything about this generation's Lexus infotainment systems. I hate how far and high up on the dash the screen is and I hate the track pad. What I do like are these new Tesla-style Andriod head units. Unfortunately, it doesn't like like one of those units would transition into the current generation's IS or ES due to the dash configuration and location of the current screen. Is it at all possible for Lexus to get creative and possibly swap the current dash and center console maybe from a 2017 Camry and install an Andriod touch screen? Yes I'm willing to go to all that trouble, I hate this generation's dash configuration that much. How bad would that break the bank? Has anyone seen anything similar done? Would appreciate any insight anyone could provide.




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