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Hi All.

I am in the UK but desperate and asking all Lexus owners if they know of a solution.

2006 model IS220d SE  Standard mileage for age.

Completely out of the blue, the most reliable car I have ever owned, fails. No green ignition LED when putting my foot on the clutch pedal.

Due to Covid the car had sat for a while and of course the battery had almost drained because of the security system.  The battery hadn't drained completely, the key fob still unlocked the doors and talked to the windows.

I trickle charged the battery over night and ensured with a volt meter that it was sat with around 13v.

Just to be on the safe side I changed both key fob batteries.

I have spoken with my Lexus dealer who ran me through a number of checks.

Battery Voltage.

Fuses (2 lots under the bonnet) & (2 lots in the foot wells).

All fuses check out correctly with the volt meter. 

And still nothing.

Has anyone else experienced this? Heard of another Lexus owner who may not even be on the forum with the same problem?

Getting pretty desperate here.

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Hi Martin

Have you checked the UK site  as there may be the answer lurking in there somewhere?

Personal thoughts are as the battery was severely depleted then it may be the voltage has registered in the system and needs a reset (search how to do this in the forums).

Let us know how you get on with it

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