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Turn over no start

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replaced the plugs and wires ,THE ECU,! Took the injectors out and cleaned them.ive replaced every fuse and relay.

I even tore the front of the engine down to make sure it hadn't jumped time (it hadn't).

put three new batteries in only to kill them trying to crank it. I have no idea what else to do!

I have a 95 ls400 with 4.0 

it's getting fuel and fire.the fuel pump does work.

somebody got an idea,I've been going at it everyday for 2 months and it turns over but won't start

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As  for my experience on my 1993 Lexus LS400, you can try to check the following :

2. crank position sensor
3. camshaft position sensor


Best Wishes.


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The fuel pump runs so we assume the circuit components for that are OK.

No mention of whether or not the injectors are working.  After killing three batteries from all that cranking, have you pulled a spark plug to see if it's drowned in fuel? 

If they're dry, I would find the relay box and replace the fuel injector relay.

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