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09 GX470 Air Conditioner problem

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I have an issue with my 2009 GX470 with 150000 miles, the last few months the heat and air will work sometimes and sometimes not so much. I have replaced the Blower Motor (fan) and the Blower Motor Resistor, I have checked all fuses. Some mornings it works great but if you stop and turn the engine off, when you re start you have nothing, no heat or air, nothing blowing at all. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Hi Dennis.....welcome to the Forum

Sounds like you need to start chasing through any connections that you previously encountered to ensure they are tight and corrosion free.
From there, maybe consider removing the heater control panel to inspect any wiring or connections in there.

Let us know what you eventually find

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Dear Dennis, I am having a similar problem on my 2001 Lexus ES300. 

"...Intermittent failure of my Air Conditioning blower, 2001 ES300.  I had the blower motor replaced 2 years ago, so I know the blower itself is good.  The air conditioning itself is working, as I am getting cold air while driving, even if the blower is not working.   The blower goes on and runs for 30 seconds, then shuts off. .."

What was the result?  Were you able to get the problem fixed?  Jim

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I took the car to an auto electric shop.  They said I need to replace the Blower Motor Control Module.  The item is pricey, around $300.  

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