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Rx330 fuel pump relay

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First and foremost. My name is Willis and im brand new to the forum and a new lexus vehicle owner.

I have an 06 rx330 and im pretty savvy with cars but this dang thing has got me stumped. Trying to figure out the location of the fuel pump relay. Some even call it a circuit opening relay. I have yet to locate this relay. Any help someone can assist me with? Would seriously be grateful and appreciative. I have a fuel pump that will not turn on and want to check it before i start tearing up the back seat and dismantling it

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Hi William.....welcome to the Club

Firstly, why has the pump suddenly stopped?
Has the vehicle had any work carried out on it recently or been involved in an minor bump?

There is an inertia switch on some vehicles that cuts the fuel if there has been any sort of impact, it is reset by pressing the button (rubber cover on it)..
Alternatively, the fuel control system needs to register the engine rotating to then know it is okay to run the pump and provide fuel to the engine.
If the Crankshaft sensor is not functioning then the pump won't run.

I would start by scanning for fault codes and then look at relays (usually in the engine bay area)

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