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New 2015 GS350 F-Sport AWD Owner


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Hey Everyone,

I picked up a 2015 GS350 F-Sport AWD about a week ago and am loving the car. I come from a long line of Subaru’s as I used to do ECU tuning as a side job/hobby. 

Looking forward to keeping her for a long time 






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4 hours ago, Lexus Owners Club said:

Hi Logan.....welcome to the Club

That truly is a fine looking machine, as was the Legacy as well but two totally different beasts I imagine.

Good to have you onboard!

Thank you, I appreciate it. Although the GS isn’t nearly as quick as my LGT (full TBE and my own tune pushing 285whp and 368wtq with 91) the level of refinement and reliability is on another level. I plan on keeping it stock for a while, but specifically went with the 15 model year since it still has the 6 speed with the AWD and the ability to get the Enform remote features. I fly a lot for work so it’s nice to be able to have my car warmed up before I’m out of baggage claim 👍

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