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I just got a FREE supercharged LX470!!!


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I guess today was my lucky day. I landed a 2002 LX 470 for free! It has the factory supercharger and 250k miles. It’s needs some cosmetic work but there isn’t much rust on the underside and no rust on the body. The reason the are giving it away is do to the fact that they continue to break serpentine belts. They are on there 4th belt in the last 15-20k miles. I don’t actually have the vehicle is scheduled to be towed (last time belt broke they gave up on fixing it) to my house early next week. 
I plan on having it looked at by my Toyota mechanic to see if he can diagnose the cause of the belt breaking. 
I couldn’t be more excited! I know it may take some work to get things sorted out. When it’s free, the time and money don’t hurt as bad. Cheers! 


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Hi Josh.....welcome to the Club

Looks like a great truck and worth spending some money on it

I would replace all the pulleys and tensioners and use genuine Lexus/Toyota components as so many fake parts out there and especially belts so it may be thats the reason why they are breaking?

Keep us updated on how its going

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