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Daily driven 03 ES 300

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My dad currently daily drives his 2003 Lexus ES 300 and he has been doing this for the past 6 years. At this point in time, it has 353,XXX miles on it and counting. He currently drives about 200 miles per day (around 55k yearly) and does not have any intentions on buying a new car in the near future. The car is not in good shape at all, major catalytic converter issues and a check engine light, both of which he ignores. He is also replacing both front strut coil springs as he found out after taking it in to the shop that one of them was completely snapped (and it has been for about 4 months). He has high hopes of hitting 400,000+ miles in this car but I’m not sure that his goal is feasible. He beats the crap out of his cars and treats them like garbage but this one at the moment just keeps chugging on. What do y’all think? Is his goal of 400,000+ attainable or are we in for a catastrophic issue in the near future? Thanks y’all. 

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Hi....welcome to the Club

It is a double-edged sword as the car will go to 400k without issue if it is maintained correctly.
Also, maintaining the car ensures it is safe to drive so if anything, this is why the money should be spent on it.

A broken coil spring is completely dangerous as is neglected steering and braking components.

Additionally, the engine needs maintaining to ensure it will reach that magical mileage 

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