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hi I got a 1999 sc300 with stock headers and I was wondering if the flow tech headers of a 93-98 supra mk4 would fit my 1999 sc300 i seen 1 video saying they would but I'm just not sure if anyone could help me i would be really grateful. 

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    • By Pancheezy
      So i was driving around today like normal and i hit a bump in the road(nothing serious) car didnt bottom out or anything, but for some reason everything electrical shut off; cluster, radio, temp controls, windows stopped working, no lights, everything. But the car stayed running until i pulled over and shut it off, but now it wont start at all, or even attempt to start.
      I'm completely stumped on whats happening here. Hopefully you guys have some suggestions.
      I have absolutely no power going to my car. The only things that still work are my horn and my hazards. Checked everything i could think of, battery, alternator, ect still read 12v, The grounds are still good, ecu is fine. Checked all the fuses, none are blown.
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