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Front drink holder lid or cover will not close

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The Front drink holder lid or cover will not close On my 2006 400 H. Is this a common problem and if so is there a known fix?  I’ve attached a picture.


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 I had not so thanks. I have looked down into the slot in front of the cupholder door with a bright flashlight and don’t see any objects or debris in there at all. There was also a mention on where the fasteners were to remove the console, Which I need to do anyway, so I will do that today and have a look underneath the console thanks again. 

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On 3/11/2021 at 10:04 AM, Lexus Owners Club said:

Is there anything obstructing it from closing (e.g. a coin dropped down inside the lid area) ?
I would also be tempted to remove the assembly and see what has occurred and then evaluate if it can be fixed or replaced

Well since I was wanting to remove the carpeting for power washing to get cola stains out I pulled the console out first flipped it over disassembled it got the cupholder out disassembled it and I found a blob of hardened chewing gum in the mechanism it just Popped out with a bit of prying and after some cleanup and reassembly it’s now working well

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