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What would be involved in removing the front carpet from a 400 H

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My new to me 400 H has substantial cola and/or coffee stains in the light beige carpet front and back I spent considerable time with a little green machine trying to pull the stains out and in some cases it made it worse so I’m thinking my only solution will be to completely remove the carpet then take it to the do it yourself car wash and spend five or $10 spraying it out then let it dry in the sun and reinstall. Obviously the front seats and center console Will need to come out.. I’ve taken my driver seat out so I know what’s involved there. Not sure what would be involved in the Center console, and don’t know what else might need to be removed. Any thoughts on this?

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Wow!  that sucks!  
I guess that is probably the best way forward to remove the carpet, clean it and reinstall it.
The console should be quite easy to remove and just look to see where it is being retained by pulling it gently to see where it is still attached.

It may be worth while disconnecting the battery as the seats would contain airbags and pretensioners.
To avoid these accidentally deploying it is an idea to disconnect the battery negative terminal and leave for 30 minutes before disconnecting any SRS components to be of the safe side

Let us know how you get on and would be interested to see any photos of how it looks when all stripped back

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