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2013 GS 100K+ miles

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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and just purchased a 2013 AWD GS 350 with 116K on the odometer. I've also purchased a 36 month/3 year extended warranty, with $100 deductible, that covers most everything except general maintenance items like oil changes, filters, etc for $3K.

Price of car was $16,500 purchased from a Lexus dealership.

I can cancel this warranty at any time. Full refund within 30 days and pro-rated after that. 

My question is, have any of you experienced repairs north of $4K in cost in a three year period between 100k - 150k miles? Or are there common issues between 100K and 150K that I should be concerned about?

Lastly, this was a one owner car with a clean car fax showing maintenance performed on schedule. New brakes, tires, spark plugs recently. New radio and runk latch early on during warranty.

Thank you in advance for your thoughs. So far I absolutely love the G350 and I'm looking forward to many interactions via the forum.



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HI.....welcome to the Club

$3k for a warranty is rather high but being offered by a Lexus dealer then I suppose it would be high>
As long as there aren't too many exclusions in the T&Cs then it should cover most issues.
I guess its all about peace of mind at the end of the day

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