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Advice on installing an aftermarket head unit

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I just bought a 2003 GS300 a few days ago with 155k miles and without the NAV. It's great so far and I've already ordered parts to replace what needs fixing and poked around here for some advice, but I can't seem to find any info on aftermarket head units that are conclusive.


I'd like to install a new head unit with a backup camera as well, which there are plenty of guides for, but I would also like to add an aftermarket stereo system later on. The stock one is alright but I'm an audio purist and it'd be nice to have.


People seem to claim they lose the subwoofer amplification when installing a new head unit or accidentally blowing up all the amplifiers.


I'd like to replace at least the subwoofer, but to get the best bang for my buck I'd have to get a multichannel amp Instead of a monoblock so I could run a new subwoofer independently anyway for the time being.


If it's too much of a pain to keep the sub working I may just end up doing it all in one fell swoop with a full tweeter, mid, amplifier, and headunit install. I probably won't start the install until I have some freetime a few months from now anyway, but I like to research things very early so I have more time to make decisions/decide when I am content with something.


Any help would appreciated 🙃

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