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For Sale: RX400H rear drive motor/differential assembly - $500 US plus shipping.

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For sale is my rear drive motor/differential assembly removed from my 2008 Lexus RX400h on 25 August, 2020 at 144,793 miles. (I can supply Carfax report from March, 2019 at approx. 118,000 miles). Fluid was not drained (all the better to keep the unit moisture-free during storage) but should be changed as I do not know when it was last changed - sometime prior to my purchasing the vehicle.

This unit was removed because it was erroneously thought to be the cause of noise coming from the rear of the vehicle at speeds over 30mph. After replacing the unit the noise persisted, and subsequently replacing the R/H rear wheel bearing solved the problem. (yeah, I know. tough - and expensive - way to learn that there was nothing wrong with the original drive motor/diff unit). I can also send copies of the service records for both the drive motor swap and the R/H rear wheel bearing replacement for verification upon request.

So now this unit is for sale. Shipping is not included, so as the buyer you get to select the shipping company and method.




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