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Any help gratefully received...   I have a 2006 RX400h.  130,000 miles.  4 months ago, I was running 72mph on the interstate and the whole car shut down - shifter, engine, lost steering, EVERYTHING!    Read several reviews, I changed the regular battery under the hood, everything re-set and all was well for 5,000 miles.   Now it has just happened to me again twice within 2 weeks. 

The new battery is only 4 months old.  I guess something could be draining the 12 volt battery, but is it possible that the hybrid battery could already be bad?   What codes do I need to be looking for?   Don't want to be taken for $1,000s of dollars needlessly...  

Any help or advice gratefully received. 

Thank you! 

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There have been some complaints over the years but this site's severity rating is a 2.

14 Complaints: 2006 Lexus RX 400h Power Train Problems (

I have not seen many similar complaints in this forum. Did you scan for codes?


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Hi there, 

Thank you for your reply.  I believe I found the problem - my LX400H is currently at the dealership for a recall.   Copying and pasting below, a post to the general forum, that I hope is a help to anyone else who has a used 400h and has not checked into this!    Thanks again.  


THERE HAVE BEEN TWO MAJOR RECALLS  RELATED TO THIS PROBLEM.  The first in 2011, the second in 2013.  Both are related to the inverter module inside the hybrid system.  IT IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM!   

So, if you are like me and have an older Lexus hybrid, I advise you to call your Lexus dealership REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU ARE HAVING THIS ENGINE DYING/SYSTEM FAILURE PROBLEM OR NOT!    Ask if your vehicle has ever had this recall done.  All they need is your VIN number.   This recall DOES NOT EXPIRE!!!

Take a look at this link and it explains everything in more detail: 

I hope this is a help to someone!! 

God bless you and stay safe. 

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I have a 2019 RX450h with 15,000 on it.  Had a year.  Twice system has died-just as described above.  When I get to dealer (message says visit the dealer) and turn engine off, it resets.  Dealer says nothing wrong with car (don't you just love it!)  Had a 2015 RX450h that I swapped in--big mistake!  Had 120,000 with no issues. Help.  What do I do??

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