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Hello everyone,


Hope all is well.


I have a 2004 LX 470; VIN: JTJHT00W443546011 and need the passenger side mirror glass.


Can someone please help me with what the correct Part Number is?


Is the Part #: 87931-60850?


So to purchase OEM parts at better pricing, I’ve been using the VIN of a 2007 Land Cruiser; VIN: JTEHT05J372103497.


By doing so, I came up with Part #: 87931-60801, which I ordered.


Upon part arrival, however, I see that the connection / plug is different, as shown by the photos attached.


Can you please help me figure out the equivalent Toyota Part # to my mirror?


Hope I don’t need the Lexus part, as the price difference is shocking.


And any idea what might be the difference in features between the two Part #’s above?


Any recommended online parts stores would be welcome as well.


Thank you very much.


My best.





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Reason why a new mirror is needed is not because the glass is broken, but because the clips at the rear backing are broken, as circled.


Instead of ordering the Lexus part; can someone please assist with how I can disassemble the mirror, removing the glass from the backing, so I can use the old mirror with the new backing?


Argh; I hope this may be possible! $200 extra for the Lexus part is awfully painful. T


hank you!


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