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Solutions based on research and personal experience(bullet #2):

•There is a switch in the glove box that could've been accidentally pushed to deactivate trunk access

•Removing negative battery terminal and replacing makes trunk lock indefinitely about two days later. To get it open, remove negative battery terminal for 30 seconds. Replace the terminal. Push either button to make sure it works. If it does, leave the trunk open, and manually close it. Manually closing it resets...something. business as usual

•You will have to dish out $500-$600 for a motor/trunk latch system

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Good info here

Same thing happened with my elder brothers 07 LS460L; solution was that the mechanic took out the latching machine out and aligned it and put it back again; then the trunk started to lock normally as it would do

It is highly unlikely that the latch system will die; most likely it can be fixed

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