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When Should I Ensure Overdrive

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Hi All, i just bought my 93 GS300 and I came from a 5 speed Z car.

1. I am not sure when to keep the overdrive button on. I did notice the RPM change when it is off. Does it act like a 5th gear?

2. What will save me more gas and car repairs? Overdrive on or off? In Southern Cal, we try to make gas pump stops as least as possible :)

3. The console button "Normal/Power (I think)" What are those functions? I have the book (CD) for the car on order and when it arrives, I hope to understand more.



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Gilbert, I as well as most car makers recommend that you leave the overdrive engaged always. The only instances you may want to turn it off is when going down a steep slope to help you slow down a bit, or when driving up and down in hilly regions. Yes it is like an extra gear.

The PWR/Norm button will change the shift patterns for more "sporty" driving in PWR mode. The revs will build a little higher before shifting. Norm mode with overdrive on will get you the best gas mileage.

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