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What else do you drive?

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I just started driving an 019 Explorer XLT for  work. I chuckled at all the stuff my 2004 GS300 does this one does not. My work is dusty so I kept the windows up while out of it. Well, I held the unlock button down for 5 seconds hoping the windows would roll down to let it begin cooling. Nope. 

Later I needed to put stuff in the back but there was no "pop the tailgate" button, no "pop the filler door" button when I needed fuel, the electric seats are only 4 way, no memory for seat and steering wheel settings, no dual climate control etc. Now it's a fairly nice riding, well handling vehicle on the highway but it aint a Lexus that's for sure. I drove about 150 miles in it and was not stiff, nor did I limp when I stopped like is the case with the 018 F-150 I usually drive. 

I was impressed with the sound system. A basic radio with usb and bluetooth that has my favorite features……a volume knob and a tuning knob and that's about it. No touchscreen, no navigation, just a pretty nice sounding setup that gets as loud as I would ever want. 

What I intially liked was the ignition switch is in the same location as my GS 300 and the ride was very similar. I'm used to road noise and vibrations of my work truck instinctively letting me know my speed. But like my GS I had to use cruise control on the interstate because I kept creeping up on 90mph without realizing it. 

It does not take a lot to float my boat so the Explorer is a satisfying vehicle to drive, at least to me. But if I ever go to buy my own SUV it won't be an Explorer. However I did ask the boss if I could swap my F-150 for it. The  answer was yes. So I do look forward to going to work, at least for a while since the novelty will last a while. 

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Not had the pleasure of driving an Explorer but hear good things about them.
Still would like an F-150 though as they look great, but again not driven one of them either

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LOC the Explorer is the XLT version so it's not fully packed with comforts like higher end versions yet the 290hp engine and 6 speed tranny do the job. It's got big ole Michelin touring tires that really run quietly. It does not have that shot from a slingshot feet when I smash the gas pedal going say, 35 but need to go 60 in a hurry yet you do reach your desired speed quickly much like my 225 hp GS 300. So even the "work truck" version of the Explorer is pretty comfy. 

Now the work truck version of the F-150 the XL rides and sounds like a work truck. But you can strap it to a building and turn that sucker into a leaning tower of Pisa. It's pretty quiet considering the stiff suspension we had put under it. My neighbor has the Lariet version and says it was pretty comfy until he jacked it up and put glass packs under it. 

My old 95 Ranger is suprisingly comfy with it's air shocks and Michelin rubber. I used to comute for work and man I'd get so drowsy driving that one. As it has aged it has some squeaks and rattles but still not bad for a compact pickup truck. 

My GS 300 has Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires, which are not a quiet, touring comfy tire but in my experience the Tiger Paw tire generally stays round, and roll smooth mile after mile. So I was glad to see those on it. I just put a set on Mrs Fixer's Escape and so far so good after about 1000 miles. 

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My wife drives the Lex RX350 and I drive a 2016 4Runner Limited that I do love but I will always wished I bought the Tundra instead, just love a nice pickup for the play stuff I do.

Love my Dual Sport motorcycles too but getting too old now to even enjoy them. Custom built Suzuki DR 350 made into a Big Wheel so it would be street legal.



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