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Speed on navigation display

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I bought this 2012 RX350 a couple of week ago.  It is a pleasure to drive. It seems well laid out and is very comfortable especially compared to my CR-V.

I was disappointed  to not have the speed shown on the navigation display.  Am I missing a setting or is that option just not available?

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No.  Why would you want your current speed to be shown on the nav screen?

If you instead meant to ask if the current speed limit can be shown on the navigation screen, I think 2016 generation 4 RX was the first year that the RX got that feature.  

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I have used a GPS device on all my cars and motorcycles for years.  For me, it allows me to see my exact speed quickly and easily. It is like using a red dot vs. iron sights. Mostly though because I like it.

I have found that the current speed limit feature to be of little use since speed limits are posted and are often not updated to GPS databases.

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If your 2012 RX has the optional heads-up display, it includes current speed displayed in digital format.  Press the "HUD" button on the lower right of the dashboard to turn it on.

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