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LS400 O2 Sensor readings - Are these in spec?


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I have a p0430 "Catalyst system efficiency below threshold, Bank 2" light on my 2000 LS400. Using the Torque Pro app, here is what I got for the O2 sensors on both banks with the engine at temperature and at idle. The green spikes are where I brought the revs up to about 1700 RPM.

Both pre-cat sensors look like they're doing fine. The after-cat sensors seem to be constant but very low in voltage.

At first, I had a p0171 System Too Lean, Bank 1. So I swapped sides with the pre-cat sensors. Then I got p0171 again. Then, I fixed some vacuum leaks and cleaned the MAF. Now, I'm stuck here on p0430.

After driving around and turning the car on/off the Check Engine light has not lit far. (I did not reset the light with the scanner).
Your thoughts?


B1S1(green) AND B1S2.jpg

B2S1 (red) AND B2S2.JPG

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