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94 ES300 engine rebuild any info on tricks or what to watch for ?

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HI gang i am currently stasrting a full tear down and rebuild of my second matching model 94 es 300  have had one for 4 years and it been amazing .

minor issues here and there biggest problem was when computer went out and what a bear to chase down outcome from effects but done and back to a good car at 222333 

purchased exact car same color again today for $500  just like the first one . all thoiugh this one was a sludge engine according to previous owner and said shje sounds like a truck

all new timing belt tensioners ,belt , coil's , plugs ,exhaust , tire's fuel pump , injectors , and some other item .. lexus dealer maintained and paperwork to go with it .

i want to rebuild the engine from bottom up and am wondering what rebuild kits are recommended and are there any oddities to watch for before  , during and after rebuild ???

Love my first one ... i pull a trailer coast to coast with it doing custom work on homes and rental resort properties SOLID puller ... it's my lexus truck 🙂 

thanks for any information given and I WILL BE POSTING PHOTOS AND INFO I LEARN ALONG THE DIG.





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