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Lexus Ls 400


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I Have a Question i have a 96 ls400 and changed my transmission filter and put fresh oil and had to re drain the system again due to my car now not wanting to go into drive after driving the car for 2 days it all of a sudden wont shift into drive i also added seafoam trans tune to the system and still nothing what could this be someone please help 

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They say that new oil after no changes in the transmission for a very long time can be a bad thing. How many miles on your car? The reason being that detergent additives in the new oil  loosens up old deposits of dirt from friction material etc that travel around and end up in places where it causes problems.  Recommended as safer then other methods is often suggested to be doing the drain and refill ca 2 quarts and then drive for a while until next drain and refill.  
Also make sure to use the correct ATF. These transmission really need the correct fluid.   Here in sweden/europe Mobil ATF 3309 is available at lower cost than the original Toyota IV ATF .  I have used MOBIL 3309 to change the oil on two LS400 with about 100k miles.  No problems. Luck perhaps. After 6 drain and refill most fluid is new.    

What you should do now I can not guess unfortunately.  Perhaps some of the forum guys know where the gunk typically ends up. 

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Well i have about 233000 miles on the car and other than a filter change and 3 quarts in the pan i didnt do much but im thinking its the Speed sensor that may also be causing my trouble ill find out tmrrw when i replace that fingers crossed 

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