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Can I access the antenna jack behind the factory tuner without pulling the unit?

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My 2006 rx400h doesnt have a way to play from my phone. I tried an FM transmitter but the quality was terrible. I'm considering buying an fm modulator that plugs into the antenna port and has a connector for the phone. How easy is it to access the antenna port? I tried to feel my way back there but couldn't find it. I want to avoid pulling out the whole unit. I'm afraid I might break something.

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It is usually necessary to pull audio system head units to access their antenna connections.  If you are going to the trouble of pulling the head unit, consider installing a device that allows you to stream audio from your phone through an aux-in cord or wirelessly through Bluetooth which should provide far better sound quality than an FM modulator.  VAIS Tech has been selling these interfaces probably longer than anyone else.  Stores like Best Buy might have them too or just do an internet search.  I see some on Amazon.  Here is a link to the VAIS website:

Here is a link to instructions on how to remove the head unit from a company that makes phone brackets:

It is usually pretty easy to pull a head unit if you have right tools and maybe some experience.  Installing the type of interface I mentioned above would probably take no more than 30 minutes.  



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