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2001 Lexus RX300 Backup Camera


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Hi, I guess you can do it as it was possible in the RX300 2001. You need to buy a video convertor, like the one in vaistech that I bought, and do the connections. Camera is working perfectly after almost 20 years. You also win a video input for the nav sat screen.

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    • By NC2020 RX450h
      I own a 2020 RX 450h F Sport, which I custom-ordered and received delivery in November, 2019.  The SUV is awesome!  I installed (myself) the appropriate two hitch, and then had a professional tow/trailer business install the 7-pin tow wiring harness. 
      My question is regarding backing-up [in reverse] with my small camper attached (being towed behind) by RX.  When I towed behind my Prius and needed to backup/in reverse, and the camper attached, the rear sensors kept braking unnecessarily, thinking the Prius was about to hit or strike an object.  No matter how slow I backed-up in reverse, the Prius' rear sensors kept activating, causing the vehicle to brake (and display the STOP warning screen).
      Can anyone who owns an RX (any year model) who tows, describe how to keep the sensors from braking, when in "reverse" at a slow speed and towing something behind it?
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      Do you see your license plate in the backup camera view screen?  I don't remember seeing it until a day or two ago.  I'm thinking something is out of adjustment.  Anyone have similar experience?
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