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HELP - Lexus IS350 vs Lexus IS250

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Hello, I have recently found two potential sellers for an IS250 and an IS350. The first car is a gray 2006 Lexus IS350 RWD with 178,000KM for 7.5k (price could potentially be lowered) the buyer has offered to safety the car, although it has minor cosmetic imperfections on it (broken reflector on back right bumper, 2 small black marks below a small dent below the right tail light, minor black mark on right side of front bumper) the IS350 comes with winter tires, Navigation (no backup cam) with an optional 4 rims and 4 summer tires for 200$.

The second car is a White 2007 Lexus IS250 AWD with 176,854KM comes certified and safety ready off the lot. The car looks to be in mint condition besides the back left passenger window is missing a window rubber sealer.

Now I am wondering, which is the better deal? Should I opt for the 6k certified because on the dealer value is priced at 8,067$ and private valued at 8.496$ within the good condition category, leaving me with at least a 2,000$ profit margin. My questions are this: Would it make more sense to buy the IS250 for personal use/to flip the car for profit, or should I spend the extra money and go for the IS350 considering the minor cosmetic damages that I'll have to fix. Would I get more value for the IS350 or should I stick to the IS250 for potentially more profit when I flip it? The IS350 is valued at 7.9k on so the profit margin is very slim. I don't plan to keep the car because my mindset is already thinking about the flip, after I take good care of it and use it for a while of course. For me, the extra HP in the Is350 doesn't really make a difference, although it could make a difference on market value, as they are more sought after. Any thoughts, tips? I have limited time as I don't know how long these cars will remain, so any help would be appreciated. Any other questions I'd be happy to answer. Thank you Lexus Gurus!

Below: Gray Lexus IS350 RWD 178k

1777732887_Screenshot(15).thumb.png.feb0aef596e744cb56a4cb2450184f0a.png 1056973099_Screenshot(19).thumb.png.3071e11adbbb167a4a8030e945fde0ed.png



Below: White Lexus IS 250 AWD 176,854 KM





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