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Just now, tprjim said:

Sorry; there are 'roll bars', tubing loops. Nice solid tubing. Might not have been the intent but...

Here is a link to a old thread on the Club Lexus forum about it:

There seems to be a dispute in the thread about whether or not these things are roll bars.  One person said that Lexus corporate said they weren't and another quoted a brochure that says they are.  Roll bars are not shown in the parts diagram for the 2002 SC430 - at least in the rear seat diagram.  Were they available in a later model year?  If so, could a prior owner have adapted them from a newer model?

Could your roll bars be aftermarket?  I've seen a bunch of nice looking roll bar kits over the years.

Got a photo of them?

I'll continue to look through the parts diagrams.  The diagrams that show the rear seat headrests don't show them but maybe someplace in a structural diagram shows them.


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YO!  I found them in the roof panel / back glass diagram!  

They aren't shown as a separate replaceable part which probably means that they are welded in place.

You must really hate those suckers to want to remove them.  There aren't many SC430's left on the road.  I doubt if I see one a year and it's probably the same one I sometimes see at the Costco gas pump.

2002 SC430 roll bars diagram.jpg


Edit:  OK, I found a photo showing the roll bars inside the head rest covers.  


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