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Knock and oxygen sensor replacement question...

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My 2000 Lexus RX300 has O2 and knock sensor errors for few years.
It's my 2nd vehicle and not much used so didn't repair it as local shops wanted too much, over $1500.
Fast forward, I found few friends knew a mechanic who works from home and much cheaper labor.
I don't want to keep this car for another 10 years so don't want to spend on OEM sensors.
Cost of OEM knock and O2 sensors is over $700 while aftermarket is less than half.
1. I know OEM is recommended here but will the aftermarket knock sensors work for few years?
Duralast Knock Sensor SU5377 Part # SU5377 SKU # 361907 $59.99 each
OEM Toyota OEM Toyota  are $170 each).
2. What is the OEM brand for the knock sensors? NTK? Walker?
3. Should the knock sensor harness be replaced? what's the brand and part number?
    I see 82219-07010 and also 82219-33030. Either works?

The mechanic wants to replace the knock sensors first to see what errors go away before replacing O2 sensors.
I had the O2 error code before the knock sensor code so I'm thinking of replacing the upstream sensor anyway with Denso 234-9009.
Thank you
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