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Synthetic oil change interval

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I have 2008 400H purchased new in 2008.  It only has about 80,000 km or 48,000 miles on it.  My dealer insisted on using normal oil and change every 6 months or 8k km.  If I use synthetic oil, will I be able to extend the interval to more than 6 months (e.g., 12 months) (since I have very low usage)?  

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After our 2006 RX400h had passed its factory warranty period (during which time I changed oil when the maintenance light illuminated), I switched to Mobil 1 synthetic oil. At first, I was changing the oil every 6-7 months at 5000-mile intervals but eventually started changing the oil every year, since it has been taking that long to reach 5000 miles or less due to COVID-19 and resulting much reduced driving.

 I am very confident that you can change the oil every year, as long as your mileage doesn't exceed the life of the oil filter and/or oil. Ideally, you'd have the used oil tested and analyzed at Blackstone Labs to verify that your change interval is acceptable. 

Side note: I change oil in all three of our vehicles, one per year with Mobil 1 synthetic oils. None exceed 5000 miles between oil changes.

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