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I have a 2016 350RX that I purchased after having a Lexus LS 460. I could unlock the rear doors by touching the handle with my 2007 LS 460 but with my 2016 350RX , I have to open the driver side front door and   push the unlock button inside the car to unlock the rear doors. Is there something I’m missing? 


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LOL, you get more features on an LS than on a lowly RX.

The other doors should unlock when you touch their handles.  The default is that only the driver door unlocks when you touch its handle.

There's also a customizable setting that should cause all the doors to unlock if you touch any door handle - at least there is on the 2017 RX.  It's probably the same on the 2016.  How to change the setting is described in the "Opening, closing and locking the doors" topic in the 2017 RX owners manual.  Check the 2016 manual for a similar section.

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      My doors are unlocking by themselves. I notice it most after entering vehicle and using the key to get in. Thought it was a bad switch in the lock mechanism but I'm not sure. Does anyone have experience with this issue or schematics on the door locks?
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      This is my second LS460.  My first one was a 2009.  My current model is a 2014 LS460 F-Sport.  My previous LS had a lock actuator problem where four locks failed.  It initially happened under warranty and they said they replaced the 3 actuators.  Then it happened again after the warranty was up and wanted $1500 per lock actuator (same 3 locks again).  I fought them and was able to substantially discount the cost.  Anyways, the same problem happened again with my current car.  Again, driver side front and back locos and front passenger side lock malfunctioned.  It is covered under the warranty.
      Am I just cursed or is this a frequent problem?  The Lexus service center teller me it never happens and that it is rare.  It has happened too me three times now with two different cars.  All same locks.  I am so bothered by this and of course they don't have these parts in stock so I have to break into my car every day which is embarrassing.....
      Can anyone give me some insight?
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      I recently got my alternator and battery replaced and ever since, my driver's side keyless entry unlocks all four doors. 
      Has this happened to anyone else? And is there a way to reset it to factory settings?
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      So, my fob is acting crazy. Sometimes it operates fine (i.e. locking and unlocking properly), other times it will not work at all until the lights turn off automatically, which is something like 60 seconds (although the red light on the fob still blinks when buttons are pressed). Once the lights turn off automatically, the fob works perfectly again. I have checked my car battery and replaced my FOB battery, no luck. The only indicator on the dash that is illuminated is the tire pressure sensor, which came on immediately after having a flat fixed.

      Does anyone have experience with this? Any advice on how to fix?


    • By Dave Haworth
      Hi guys, and galls.
      i recently purchased a 99 Harrier, or RX300. Only done 72,000 miles and one owner.
      I have had it a week or two and the only issue it has, that is really more of a niggle, it
      wants to lock the doors at low speed (15-20 mph ). You can hear the actuators go 4 times.
      When you slow down and dip below the said 15-20 mph and accelerate off again, the locks
      try to lock again, 4 times. All the locks work fine, i tried locking the door before setting off
      but that made no odds. I have seen threads for ign on, and depressing door lock for 5 seconds etc
      but nothing works that way. I would be quite happy taking a fuse out or disabling the sensor or removing the applicable relay that wants to lock the doors. With this solved the car is 100%.
      Any help or suggestions, gratefully appreciated.
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