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Heated Seats Not Working

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I have just noticed my ES 300 heated seats stop working ? Anyway to troubleshoot whats going on, all happned was cleaning carpet and mats couple of times. Is it fuse blown or connections got disconnected ? or what could be te issue which was working perfectly a month ago stop working. Obviously, seats have not been on for heat since a month after we got into spring. Any help would be appreciated.

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Only one thing changed since it was working, due to loose contact battery got disconnected and I have connected it back. Does this cause fuse or setting erased from computer ? and its not working as memory erased ? Anyone has any idea... thx.

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The heated seat system is not so great. When you turn them on, they heat but remain heated for extended periods of time which causes the coils to burn out fast. on my benz, they heat for 8 minutes high, 10 minutes low, then switch off. This prevents the coils from burning out. My 97 seats are dead on my lexus. Fuse is ok and there is power to the heating elements which leaves the elements being bad. I am going to attempt to install some after market element. About 100 bucks each seat. Taking the leather off the seat is very painful though.

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Get a volt meter and hook it up to your cig lighter and monitor it when driving

it is probably the alternator which has a hard tiem kleeping 14.4 vdc and it rarely keep up unless on long drives.

Are your gauge needles lit or have a few black spots?

The higher the vdc over tiem will cause the needles to go from heat ,onse with bad alternators tend to last longer, like mine

I rewired the seats with straigh 14.4 vdc and new relays just using the pold elements and switches , it has become much better but it had already gotten better when i changed my battery cables also.

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