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Disappointing isn't it that the final map update for a 2014 model year vehicle is the one for 2018.  Toyota seems to be getting out of the business of providing map updates for both Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles.  I wonder if map updates would have been continued longer if more people had bought them.  Every time I've bought map updates, I've been told that very few people did.

If your current maps are much older than the ones from 2018, you value having in-dash navigation and you plan to keep your RX a few years longer, the 2018 map update might be nice to have.  Unfortunately, many Lexus dealers charge nosebleed prices for the activation card and the labor to perform the update - I've seen reports of $400.  I suspect the reason for the high prices is that dealerships are unfamiliar with the update procedure and are unwilling to offer lower prices for a procedure that might require a lot of tech time to figure out.


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you can try to buy a map update set at

I did update for my RX 350 2013 and it works. Just follow exactly the instructions. It costs me 45 mins but haft of the time you just sitting there and wait.


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