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Transfer case center diff lock won’t engage

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Hey everyone, I’ve got an 04 GX 470 that I recently did a t-case swap on. Long story short, the old case had the common problem of leaking at the o-ring seal and the thing was dry when I got it from the dealer. That, or they just didn’t refill the case when they drained it. Regardless, it damaged the case and I swapped it with a used one in my garage. 

However, now the center diff won’t lock on the new case. I’ve read around that if there’s oil in the actuator the thing can’t engage correctly. It’s also possible that it sat for a long time and froze. I still have the old functioning actuator. Do you think the car has to relearn how to lock it since it was disconnected, or is it a faulty actuator? 


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    • By TSICU
      Hello everyone, I’m new GX owner, and unfortunately I kind of regret it...
      Long story short, I bought the vehicle from a used dealer, and it had a bad O-ring seal between the actuator and the T case. But, I did not discover this until about 400 miles later, I noticed grinding coming from the center console. I drained the T case and all that come out was a small about of oil and metal shavings. After filling it, it still made the grinding/ratcheting noise. The dealer owned up and fixed the leak, but told me not to worry about the noise. 
      Fast forward about 3 months and the Lexus dealer wants $4600 to service the T case, and no local mechanics will work on it because it requires “specialty tools.”
      At this point I feel stupid going back this late to the dealer and asking them to repair the issue they caused. However, there are after market kits available or used T cases ($200 and $2000 respectively). 
      If you were in my shoes, what would you do? The truck is drivable, but I bought it because I wanted a bullet proof rig! 
      I appreciate any help!
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