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Spacers For 17"


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I have a question. Can I put spacers on my 17" chrome stock lexus wheels to push them out a little? I am hoping this will make the wheel more flush with the wheel well. Is there going to be any problems w/ spacers? Can I even use them? Where can I get them? I do not even know what they are. Someone said I should get them to push the tires out a little. I assume they go between the rotors and the rim. However I don't understand. Will the studs be long enough? maybe I am just confused?

I like the look of my 17" rims as my car is lowered. Now I am just looking for the flush side look of wider rims to tide me over until I have enough scratch to buy 18 or 19" rims.


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Leave your car as it is and save for larger wheels....spacers in my view are never a good option,you may have to get longer wheel nuts if you go for spacers...if you buy new alloys they should come with new wheel nuts and id say thats a better option than spacers...just my view ;)

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